Little Rock is the perfect city for job seekers, yet it can be challenging to figure out the best employer for you. From companies that pay too little or those with management that aren’t good at what they do, it’s vital to be able to shop around to find the perfect fit. myfoxboston

These are the top employers in Little Rock, and why should you consider working in this city?

  1. The Government

The local, federal, and state governments are the largest employers in Little Rock, employing over 70,000 people in the metro area. These jobs have countless perks like healthcare, holidays off, and higher pay, all while offering the chance to work for an employer you know will stay strong.

These roles can be anything from working in sanitation to delivering mail or even being an active member of your local government. Whatever you pick depends on personal taste, but you can find plenty of choices that will meet your needs.

  1. University of Arkansas

Schools are essential for employees and the local community in today’s job market. If you want a steady job that offers many perks and can help you improve your education, the University of Arkansas is a great place to start. The nearly 10,000 employees that work for this school have left beautiful reviews about what it’s like as an employer. 

You don’t necessarily have to work directly as a teacher. Because of the medical program in this school, you can also work in medical services. Beyond that, sanitation, food prep, counseling, and more can be great job choices.

  1. Baptist Health 

If you want to help the most people possible, it’s a good idea to consider working for Baptist Health! This hospital has over 7,000 employees, ranging from medical transcription to doctors, each of which gets fantastic pay and perks with their job. If you’re considering this position, you’ll get plenty of off and sick time and great pay compared to national standards.

Why Move Here For Work?

If you’re considering a move for work, and Little Rock is on your list, it’s time to check out these excellent employers! Thankfully this city is a fantastic and affordable place to live. From the low price of Little Rock houses for sale to the much lower cost of living compared to other cities, you’ll find that your dollar goes much further here.

Little Rock is also remarkable because it offers an outstanding work-life balance, which is worth a lot these days. Whether you’re trying to get out and exercise more or want to spend more time with your kids, the endless trails and countless parks have you covered. You can enjoy exploring any part of this city in your free time, making working here even sweeter.

Little Rock Has Everything You Need! 

Whether you’re considering moving for a change of scenery, or you’re in the Little Rock area and want to boost your income, these employers could be what you need! Refresh your resume, and get out there.

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