Midwest Express Clinic


The Midwest Express Clinic is a convenient urgent care clinic offering walk-in care as an alternative to an emergency room or doctor’s appointment. The Chicago, IL-based medical center has eight locations throughout the area. Services offered include laboratory testing and X-rays. The clinic also accepts insurance plans.

Medical services offered by Midwest Express Clinic Chicago

Midwest Express Clinic Chicago offers a variety of urgent care services to patients of all ages. Patients can receive care for everything from colds to flus, cuts and scrapes to broken bones and bug bites. The clinic also offers on-site X-rays and lab testing. These services make it easy for patients to get the care they need quickly and conveniently.

The clinic is open seven days a week. Physicians treat non-emergency medical issues, and nurses treat minor injuries and illnesses. They also provide lab work and immunizations. This clinic accepts most insurance plans and offers flexible scheduling. The staff is friendly and courteous, and the facility is clean and well-maintained.


The cost of a midwest express clinic visit may vary from person to person. In general, these clinics provide a greater range of services than many other urgent care facilities. The clinics also have a full laboratory on-site so patients don’t have to go from one facility to the next to get a test. Typically, results are available the same day.

Patients will find that Midwest Express Clinics offer expert pain management, reasonable prices, and convenient hours. The clinics are open twelve hours a day, seven days a week (except for holidays), which allows patients to receive treatment any time. The clinics are also open longer hours than most other urgent care centers in the area. However, patients should compare the hours of these clinics with those of other urgent care facilities in the area to make the best decision.

The Midwest Express Clinic has locations throughout Chicago and Northwest Indiana. The clinics offer pregnancy tests, STD testing, and treatment for urinary tract infections, cysts, and abscesses. Most major insurance plans are accepted. The clinics are not affiliated with any hospital or pharmacy, which helps keep costs down.

While the cost of a Midwest Express Clinic visit varies, patients should expect to pay between $150 and $200 per visit. This is a fraction of the cost of an ER visit. The average visit will last 20-30 minutes with a medical provider and include multiple diagnostic tests, such as a strep test, a urine test, and a flu or strep test. You may also need imaging services if your problem is more complicated. X-rays, for example, can cost as much as $300-450 out-of-pocket.

Insurance plans accepted

If you have an urgent medical condition and don’t want to wait for an appointment or ER visit, Midwest Express Clinic is a convenient option. The clinic has eight locations in and around Chicago. They offer services for a variety of conditions, including colds, flus, bug bites, and general urgent care. They also have on-site labs and X-rays.

Midwest Express Clinic Chicago accepts most major health insurance plans. They also accept walk-in patients. Nurses and physicians provide comprehensive care for flu symptoms and other minor ailments. They also perform lab tests and offer immunizations. You can pay at the clinic with cash or credit card. In addition to accepting major health insurance plans, this clinic also offers flexible scheduling for patients.

Walk-in patients accepted

The Midwest Express Clinic in Chicago accepts walk-in patients seven days a week. Nurses and physicians offer treatment for illnesses, cuts, and rashes. They also offer immunizations and lab work. The clinic accepts most health insurance plans and offers flexible scheduling.

The Midwest Express Clinic has six locations in the Northwest Indiana area. The newest locations are located at 9731 Lincoln Plaza Way in Cedar Lake and 6131 U.S. 6. Patients from Chicago, Chicagoland, and Northwest Indiana can visit the Midwest Express Clinic for any medical issue. The clinics are also equipped to provide X-rays and lab tests.

Cost of flu shot

The cost of a flu shot at Midwest Express Clinic is $39. In addition to flu shots, the health care system offers a COVID-19 vaccine. This vaccine is recommended for people age 18 and older. Additionally, the health care system offers drive-thru clinic services. Regardless of your insurance coverage, most carriers cover the cost of a flu vaccination.

The typical flu season begins in October and runs through May, with January and February being the most active months for the virus. The CDC recommends that everyone get a flu shot early in the season, before the virus has had time to spread. However, you should not get a flu shot if you are younger than six months, or if you suffer from severe allergies.

A flu shot reduces your risk of contracting the flu by up to 50% and can keep you from suffering from severe symptoms. While the vaccine isn’t 100% effective, it does offer protection against the most common strains of the disease. Those older than 65 years of age should consider getting a high-dose vaccine.

The cost of a flu vaccine at Midwest Express Clinic can be as low as $10. Flu vaccines contain antibodies that help protect you against the flu virus and prepare your body to fight it. The vaccine will prevent you from becoming infected with the virus and keep you healthy and well for the rest of the year.

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