Parents looking for a venue for a kid’s birthday party can visit Kids Empire. This indoor playground is a place for children to climb, spin, dance, and conquer in a temperature-controlled environment. It also offers a cafe, bouncy house, and a maze. Parents can purchase party packages complete with invitations.

They can drop in a ball pit

Kids Empire in Anaheim is a great place to recapture the wonder of childhood with its climbing walls, play structures and huge ball pit. It’s also a great place to celebrate birthday parties. You can even purchase an all-day access pass and drop in the ball pit whenever you want. Just make sure you don’t forget to wear socks! You can buy a pair at the front desk for $2.50.

The play structure in the Kids Empire has three levels, each with a different type of equipment. There are sandboxes, ball pits, spinners, balance beams, a soccer arena and an area filled with giant blocks. Your eight-year-old will love the huge web of soft ropes that connect all the different levels.

Kids Empire is located in the Riverwalk Shopping Center. It is the perfect place for parents looking for an indoor playground for their children. The play structures and ball pits are great for younger kids, but you can use your discretion.

Parents can buy birthday party packages with invitation cards

Parents can buy birthday party packages with invitation cards from Kids Empire to host their child’s birthday party. The prices of these packages are very affordable and include everything a parent needs to host a great party. These packages include everything from birthday cakes and pizza to invitation cards, tokens for rides, snacks, and more.

Kids Empire is a new indoor play area that opened on August 24, 2019. It has a three-story climbing structure that is perfect for children aged three to 14 and is very clean. The activities are diverse and will keep kids entertained for hours. The corporate website provides information about services and locations.

Parents can also choose from a wide range of birthday party themes. The selection includes Arty Party, Science Party, and Dinosaur Party. Each theme is accompanied by a professional guide who is experienced in early childhood and elementary education. The guides will take care of everything from prep work to clean up. Kids Empire members get a 20% discount off the cost of the party package.

They have a cafe

If you’re looking for a fun day out for your family in NJ, you should check out Kids Empire. This theme park has three locations to offer your family fun after school, on the weekend, or during your vacation. Kids Empire is a safe, clean place to bring your kids and let them have some fun. The cafe also features a variety of kid-friendly food.

The concept of Kids Empire is scalable both domestically and globally. Most major metropolitan areas have an abundance of suburban areas that present plenty of growth opportunities for Kids Empire. Moreover, the American public perceives the children’s entertainment market as strong, which is another factor supporting the franchise’s value.

The cafe has plenty of seating for parents and offers an indoor play environment that kids will love. A neon-lit room and an arcade are among the highlights of the indoor playground. There are also age-appropriate slides and ball pits for toddlers. The center also offers a laser tag and basketball court.

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