The Ultimate Best Sandwich in Each of the Smallest US States (and the Best Restaurants to Offer Them

The nice thing (among others) about living in a small state is that it won’t take you long to explore the whole state. You can drive around across Rhode Island inside an hour, and that’s not just possible in places like Alaska and Texas. 

Also, you can easily find our choices for the best sandwich you can find in the smallest states. Your state may be small, but they can boast of one fantastic sandwich. 

The Hot Wiener in Rhode Island

Admittedly, it’s not exactly easy to be a newcomer to Rhode Island and ask for a “hot wiener”. But the residents of the state are used to it, and they understand completely. They do it on a regular basis, after all. 

Their Hot Wiener are actually quite a bit similar to your prototypical hot dog sandwich, to be honest. But ask any Rhode Island native, and they’ll adamantly state that their Hot Wiener is so much better. A wiener, to be more specific, is made with a mixture of meats so you’re getting several flavors to combine into one savory taste. 

That’s especially true if you go to Pawtucket, and to Len’s Hot Dog Haven in particular. Ask for the Hot Wiener, and you’ll get your sandwich with the wiener (you an also opt for the all-beef hotdog as well) topped with onions, meat sauce, mustard, and celery salt. It’s an absolute winner. 

The Bobbie Sandwich in Delaware

The Bobbie Sandwich is the iconic sandwich of Capriotti’s. Sure, they also offer lots of other terrific sandwiches (see menu with prices here), and their Italian sub is considered among the best in the whole country. 

But the Bobbie is an entirely different thing. You’re basically eating an entire meal complete with sides with this particular sandwich. It’s also quite accurate to describe it as an entire Thanksgiving meal in a sandwich. 

Capriotti’s made its mark in the fast-food industry by slowly roasting their turkeys overnight, and that’s the turkey you get in this sandwich. Add the stuffing and the cranberry sauce, and it’s not surprising why you’d want to give thanks for each bite. 

And the good news is that you don’t even have to live in Delaware to enjoy the Bobbie. They have 112 locations across 16 states plus the District of Columbia. 

The Fried Clam Roll Sandwich in Connecticut

If you love fried clams, then you really should do yourself a favor and visit Connecticut. Though this state isn’t exactly renowned as a mecca for foodies, their fried clam roll sandwich will be the best sandwich you’ll ever taste here. 

And to truly enjoy this fried clam roll sandwich, you have to go to Costello’s Clam Shack in Noank. They start with a warm toasted roll, and then they pile on a huge heap of fried clams on it. That’s it. There are no other frills or funky additions. You just get the yummy batter-dipped clams, and you just make sure you’re hungry when you visit! 

The Italian Hoagie Sandwich in New Jersey

This isn’t really a surprising choice, given the huge population of Italian-Americans in this particular state. The best Italian hoagies are made with that particular devotion to food that Italians are famous. 

To get the best Italian hoagies, though, you need to get to Hackensack and find Cosmo’s Italian Salumeria. It doesn’t hurt that Cosmo, who owns the place, actually came from Italy. 

Just ask for their “number one” Italian hoagie, and they’ll know what you need. It will feature a wide range of premium meats, including capicola, soppressata, salami, and ham. They’ll then add some provolone and mozzarella cheese along with some sweet peppers, and then you’ll realize why Italians (and so many others) just love this sandwich. 

The Monte Cristo Sandwich in New Hampshire

Some say that New Hampshire seems like a good state to retire to. The landscape is gorgeous, and then you have almost no state income taxes and zero sales taxes. It has plenty of jobs, and (coincidentally or not) low crime rates. 

It may be a small state with limited shopping options, but at least Boston is just nearby. And you don’t have to go to Boston to enjoy a darn good sandwich, not with the Monte Cristo Sandwich that you can get from Banners Restaurant. 

You’ll get to start with some Texas toast, and then you get ham and turkey along with Swiss cheese and the state’s famous maple syrup. It’s so good that Banners has even won an award for the Monte Cristo. 

The Vermonter Sandwich in Vermont

The state sure didn’t futz around when it came to naming this sandwich. They really want other people to know where this sandwich originated. And they’re right to be proud of it. 

To get the very best Vermonter, you might have to go to Klinger’s Bread Company in Burlington. There might be a line of customers for the sandwich, but it’s worth the wait. Your Vermonter features ham with cheddar cheese and Granny Smith apples, and then they’re topped with raspberry mayonnaise. Set between 2 delicious slices of bread, it’s a savory treat with a subtle hint of sweetness. 

The Bobbie from Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop 🥪🦃– Is it Really the Greatest Sandwich in America⁉️ 🇺🇸


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