If you’re looking for a Mexican-inspired fast-food restaurant near you, look no further. This popular chain offers both breakfast and lunch fare. Find the Taco Tuesday menu and location hours. You’ll also find Taco Tuesday deals and specials. Read on to learn more about Taco John’s.

Taco Tuesday

If you’re looking for a fun and affordable way to eat Mexican-inspired food, Taco Tuesday at Taco John’s is the place to go. This fast-food chain also serves breakfast items. If you’re looking for a quick meal, check out their special menus on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Taco John’s is a national chain with 400 locations across the country. Founded in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the company has grown into a fast-food Mexican restaurant franchise. Its signature menu items – such as the Potato Ole – are served with a bold flavor. The taco chain prides itself on using quality ingredients and serving generous portions.

The company has a long history. It has long been a tradition to have a taco special on Tuesdays. The phrase “Taco Tuesday” became a trademark for Taco John’s restaurants across the country in 1989. In New Jersey, however, Taco Tuesday had already been trademarked by another business.

While Taco John’s has tried to ban the use of the phrase “Taco Tuesday” by smaller eateries, the campaign has failed to have much success. Since the phrase has become so commonplace, it is impossible to control its use. Hundreds of other restaurants use the alliterative phrase to promote their weekly specials.

However, the phrase is not without controversy. The first trademark registration for Taco Tuesday expired in 1981. The company would have retained nationwide rights to the phrase if it had renewed its registration. It spent nearly five years to regain the trademark rights to the phrase. The lawsuit resulted in a loss of 49 out of 50 states for Taco Tuesday.

Taco Tuesday at Taco John’s is a day when crispy beef tacos are on sale for 89 cents each. During this day, the company sells a special crispy beef taco that contains 100% American beef. It is served inside a taco shell made from scratch each day.


Taco John’s is a fast-food chain featuring Mexican-inspired cuisine. The chain offers breakfast fare, too. The breakfast menu has a variety of delicious options that are sure to please the entire family. The menu is constantly changing and always has something to offer every taste bud.

The Taco John’s location at 766 CY Ave. in Cheyenne, Wyoming was a difficult decision to make. However, it is part of a remodeling initiative across all locations. This initiative consists of new design elements, kitchen equipment, and operational updates.

The chain has about 40 locations in 26 states. Its first location opened in Colorado in 1968 as a trailer. In the early years, Taco John’s targeted small communities, but later began expanding into larger metropolitan areas. In addition to their regular retail locations, Taco John’s has several outlets that cater to members of the U.S. military. Despite the new, updated branding, some locations use a retro-style facade and signage.

The median salary for employees at Taco John’s varies depending on the region. For example, employees in Blaine, MN make $35,581 annually. Employees in Fort Collins, CO, earn $35,547. Employees in the same area make slightly less, making them a great alternative for a casual lunch.

The company plans to open six to ten locations in the Midlands within three to five years. It hopes to reach a franchise deal in the first quarter of 2023 and break ground on its first Columbia location in late 2023. The new locations in the Columbia area will compete with Del Taco Bell. The chain has been in business for more than 50 years and offers tacos, burritos, nachos, cold brew coffee, and churros.


If you’re looking for a convenient place to eat Mexican food, taco john’s is a good option. This fast-food chain serves breakfast fare as well as Mexican-inspired fare. You’ll find that hours vary based on location, but you can always count on good, fresh food.

You can find Taco John’s hours by checking out their website. You can also check out their menu online and see what they have available. You can even order online, though the prices may vary slightly from the actual restaurant. The website will also provide the location’s address, so you can easily find it.

Taco John’s is a fast-food chain with locations in 23 states. The closest one to your location is about 150 miles away, in Huntington, Indiana. The company plans to expand its business this year, and expects sales to rise by 10 to 15% from last year’s record numbers.

The original Taco John’s location opened in Cheyenne, Wyoming, in 1969. Today, there are nearly 400 Taco John’s restaurants and franchises across the United States. The chain prides itself on generous portions of signature menu items and high-quality ingredients.


If you’re looking for a delicious lunch or dinner, check out the Taco John’s specials near you. This fast-food chain specializes in Mexican-inspired cuisine and even serves breakfast! Their menu includes delicious breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, and eggs. They have locations in many neighborhoods, so check to see what’s on special at your local Taco John’s today.

Taco John’s recently introduced a new rewards program. Customers who join can earn 10 points for every dollar spent. The program is free and offers access to exclusive and limited-time offers. You can also receive a free small combo when you reach 200 points. The rewards program is available on the Taco John’s website and mobile app.

Taco John’s has been around for over 50 years and offers a diverse menu. The company is known for its bold, authentic flavors and has over 400 locations in the United States. They specialize in Mexican-inspired fast food, and the prices are reasonably priced. Taco John’s potato nuggets, for example, are a popular dish. In addition to tacos, they serve burritos, quesadillas, nachos, and burgers.

Taco John’s locations are a popular choice for lunch or dinner. You can find a Taco John’s near you by visiting their websites. You can also print a Taco John’s coupon and redeem it at participating locations. You can also print a Taco John’s coupon in black and white.

If you’re in the area of Taco John’s, check out their specials. There are a variety of meals and drink deals available on the menu. If you’re in a hurry, you can order a tamale or a taco bar. These delicious meals are made with the freshest ingredients. Moreover, they’re not expensive! You can even enjoy alcoholic beverages.


Menu at Taco John’s near me: This fast food chain specializes in Mexican-inspired dishes. It also offers breakfast items. You can even grab a quick meal before going to work. The food is fast and convenient, and the prices are reasonable. The menu includes items such as tacos, burritos, and taco bowls.

Menu items are available at Taco John’s locations across the United States. The company also offers delivery through apps like Uber Eats. If you prefer to dine in, you can customize your order by choosing the items you would like. Be sure to check the availability of each menu item, as items may change without notice.

The prices at Taco John’s are reasonable. If you have a small budget, you can opt for breakfast items, such as potato oles. These come with a variety of ingredients, including eggs, sausage, bacon, tomatoes, and green peppers. If you want something larger, try the taco burger.

Taco John’s started out as a small trailer called the Taco House. In 1969, Harold Holmes and James Woodson bought the franchise rights to it. The chain now has over 400 locations in 25 states. Most of them are located in small towns in the Midwestern United States. he company is primarily a regional chain, and competes with other fast food chains in smaller towns.

he company has plans to expand into the Kansas City area. The company sees the metro as a “wide-open” market and expects to open 15 restaurants in Kansas City within three to five years. At the moment, Taco John’s has 388 locations, and the Kansas City metro area is home to six locations.


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