For Netsmart EHR, the healthcare industry is extremely important, which is why they provide a wide range of services and solutions. A SaaS product is what they use for their Electronic Health Record. It is adaptable to practises of any size and may accommodate a wide range of specialties, including public health, behavioral health, child services, hospice care, and family services, among others. Because the needs of each individual practice are unique, the programme can be modified to meet the specifications specified by the customer. DocuTAP EMR Software is an electronic medical record (EMR), practice management (PM), and patient portal that is web-based and integrated. It is designed for use in urgent care, primary care, pediatrics, and occupational health clinics. Docutap EMR, which had previously been active in the market for twenty years, recently combined with Practice Velocity to become a subsidiary of Experity.

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Netsmart EHR

The electronic health record (EHR) system known as Netsmart includes a number of different features that assist users in delivering higher-quality medical treatment. Analytics, customer management, a secure system, telemedicine, and other characteristics are among the most important ones. The electronic health record (EHR) is integrated with their telehealth system, which can be accessed through mobile phone or the web from any location at any time. The actual Netsmart EHR software can be logged into from any location and at any time. Once the device has been synced with Netsmart, it does not require internet access in order to provide electronic health record (EHR) services to the company’s customers. This is one of the advantages of adopting Netsmart.

Netsmart EHR Key Features

Behavioral Tools

As communities grow more cognizant of their mental and behavioral health requirements, Netsmart’s comprehensive suite of behavioral health products may complement a range of fragmented systems. Standard functions include notes, charts, and coding, while advanced features include psychiatric care and case management.

Record Maintenance

The Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software suite offered by Netsmart transforms patient records and healthcare data into portable and actionable documents. The time it takes for doctors to evaluate patients has decreased, and they can now retain more accurate records.

Code Diagnosis

Administrators are able to quickly and efficiently classify diagnoses for billing cycles, and they can check for coverage under a variety of healthcare organizations such as Medicare and Medicaid.

Netsmart EHR Pricing

Netsmart has not provided users with any fixed pricing rates but the vendor can be contacted for a custom quote.

Netsmart EHR Demo

Netsmart allows users to schedule a free demo on its website and this will help them to get familiar with all the features and characteristics of the software.

Netsmart EHR Reviews

Their customer service crew is very knowledgeable and always responds in a timely manner. It offers treatment options for both outpatient and inpatient settings. Forms are customizable.¬† Users have noticed that there is an intermittent lag in the system’s performance.


DocuTAP is an electronic medical record system that runs on the cloud and features integrated practice management and revenue cycle management. It is very compatible with tablets and was initially developed for use in emergency care settings. However, it may also be adapted for use in general care settings, pediatrics, and visits for workers’ compensation. One of the features of the electronic health record is a workflow that is straightforward and simple to comprehend, making it ideal for part-time medical professionals and locum tenens workers. For the sake of maintaining coherence throughout the practice, there are templates that can be locked. It is feasible for numerous members of staff to document on the same chart at the same time thanks to the intuitive charting module that is included in the program. This helps to facilitate care across departments.

DocuTAP EMR Key Features


The electronic medical record system has been developed to work with various tablet computers. DocuTAP EMR is easily accessible by clinicians from desktops, laptops, and tablets, which enables them to move freely from one patient’s room to another without the need to log in to particular computers. Recent developments at the company include the integration of DocuTAP with Clockwise.MD. The creation of a single solution that does not necessitate the management of various systems was the driving force behind this endeavor.


The electronic medical record (EMR) system used by DocuTAP was developed to quickly chart patients’ conditions. Because of this, medical practices are able to produce higher income per patient visit than the norm for the industry. The intricate procedures of auto-coding and documentation that support them are the driving force behind the effective simplification of patient check-in for decreased wait times that this software solution makes possible.

Patient Portal

Using the patient portal provided by the program, patients have the ability to view their whole medical history as well as pay any associated costs online. In addition, DocuTAP is used by forty percent of urgent care clinics, and its provider says that it has a customer retention rate of ninety-eight percent. The electronic medical record (EMR) system additionally features an automated E/M coding, which enables users to chart instances in a precise and expedient manner.

DocuTAP EMR Pricing

The pricing of the product will only be available on request and users can find out by contacting the vendor.

DocuTAP EMR Demo

A free demo is available on the website which can be scheduled by users who wish to learn about the software before investing in it.

DocuTAP EMR Reviews

Its analytics and business intelligence enable drag-and-drop report generation. The system gives support for documentation, allowing users to concentrate on the service and type of service they should provide to their patients. Users have complained that the support personnel are unprofessional and that they are not instantly updated on the status of their questions.

Our Thoughts

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