In this article, I’ll discuss the main branch of the Upper Arlington Public Library (UAPL), its expansion plans, and the levy to support it. If you’re not familiar with UAPL, it is the nonprofit library system that coordinates the entire UAPL system. The UAPL also offers Internet access, popular book clubs, and regular storytimes for kids. There’s also plenty to do for adults, too, including a weekly crafts program.

UAPL’s main branch

The Upper Arlington Public Library is the heart of the entire UAPL system, providing internet access and a wide variety of programs and services. The main branch is home to popular book clubs, regular storytimes and crafts programs. These services are available to the entire community. Visiting the library is free, and there are also free computers and printers available for public use. UAPL has more than 3,000 members, so you’re sure to find something that appeals to you.

UAPL has been around for 12 years and continues to improve. Its diverse services include art and cultural events, cooking and multicultural classes, and theatre performances. In addition, it can offer health and wellness discussions, checkups, and blood drives. UAPL can also offer technology support services, such as computer repair and television set-up. By providing these services, UAPL is making the community more informed and engaged.

Its expansion plans

The Upper Arlington Public Library is expanding its children’s storytime area and adding a multipurpose space. These expansions will allow the library to expand its programming without the need for additional construction. The new space will open in September. Kate Porter, the public services manager for the three libraries in the Arlington Public Library system, has been with the organization for 20 years. She is excited to be a part of the library’s 50th anniversary celebration.

The board of the Upper Arlington Public Library has approved plans to add a second story and additional meeting rooms to its current building. The plans are opposed by Citizens for Change. The group’s leader, Dan McCormick, says they do not see the need for the proposed changes. Still, Hatch said that the group is committed to helping the library grow. For now, it is working to raise $50,000 for expansion. The money will help the library expand its services.

Its staff

Located in the historic district of downtown Arlington, the Upper Arlington Library and its staff are an ideal place to spend an afternoon. The UAPL has many services, including internet access, free book clubs, and popular crafts programs. Whether you’re an adult, a child, or a senior, you’re sure to find something you enjoy at the UAPL. There’s even a computer lab where you can use your laptop. Branch

The UAPL’s financial manager, Lori Piergallini, recently joined the administration team. Prior to joining the Upper Arlington Library, she served as a Senior Audit Manager in the Ohio Auditor of State’s office. he earned her BA in history from Wittenberg University and her MBA from Kent State University. She is a member of the Association of Government Accountants and the Government Finance Officers Association. She is also active in the Library’s computer user group.

Its levy

If you live in Upper Arlington, you might want to consider contributing to the UAPL levy, which funds programs for the entire library system. Not only does the levy help fund library computers, but it also funds popular programs such as regular storytimes and book clubs. If you have a child, you might want to consider participating in the UAPL’s popular crafts program. It is not only a great place to get information, but it also offers entertainment for the entire family.

The current library levy passed in 2007 and was renewed in 2012; putting it on the ballot for renewal will increase its chances of passage. This election won’t be a presidential election, which means that voters won’t have to worry about the library being shut down during that time. Additionally, the levy will be on two ballots at the same time – the city and the county. The benefits of this are twofold: First, the levy won’t raise taxes for local property owners. Second, the library would get the funding that it needs to operate efficiently, and third Branch , it wouldn’t raise property taxes.

Its funding

With the state budget being so tight, it’s no wonder that libraries in Ohio are facing cuts. Last year, the Ohio Public Library Fund received 20 percent less funding than it did last year, and legislators have proposed a further 30 percent cut. Those cuts would result in fewer hours, books, materials, and programs. The Upper Arlington Public Library would suffer.

The library system’s levy income is generated by the taxes of the residents of Upper Arlington. The two-mill levy passed with 756 percent of the vote and the 1-mill levy received a 24 percent approval rate. These levy funds provide nearly half of the library’s annual operations. The funds raised from these levy revenues are crucial for the operation of the library. Further, it’s important that all state residents have access to the library’s services.

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