There are several different types of contis cake. There are mango bravo, black velvet, and maja blanca, to name a few. Learn about each one, and try some before you decide on a recipe. You may also be surprised at how versatile the cake can be! Listed below are a few suggestions for the perfect cake. Hopefully one of them will be your new favorite! Until then, try one of these recipes instead.

Mango Bravo

You can choose between a large and small version of this Mango Bravo contis cake. The biggest problem with this cake is that it is quite difficult to slice without making a mess. You can even freeze this cake and then drizzle it with a rich chocolate sauce for a special treat. It is best to prepare it at least a day before you intend to eat it. If you don’t want to risk a messy cake, you can also make a mini version.

Sans Rival

If you want to experience the flavors and textures of Sans Rival, you’ll love its crunchy wafer layers and buttery icing. The cake is available in two sizes, 9 x 4.5 inches and 9 x 9. You can find a classic version at Granda’s Sweets and Delicacies. A mocha version is also available. It can be ordered online through Facebook. Each serving has about 500 calories.

Black Velvet

If you are a chocoholic, you will definitely love the delicious and rich Conti Black Velvet Cake. This chocolate sponge cake has layers of moist chocolate cake with a cream cheese filling and a sprinkling of bittersweet chocolate. The cake is topped with a cream icing and a beautiful spiderweb design. The cake comes with free shipping if you order a cake worth more than $35.

Maja Blanca

The famous Filipino dessert, Maja Blanca, is made from coconut milk and corn, and is often served cold. Top it with toasted coconut, shredded cheese, or both. You can also find it at bakeries in the Philippines. Maja Blanca is not overwhelmingly sweet, making it a great treat to share with friends. It is a favorite among Filipinos for its texture, creamy center, and crispy outer layers.

Choco Overload

The choco overload cake at Contis is a chocolate lover’s dream come true. With layers of chocolate cake, cream cheese, and chocolate ganache, this dessert will leave any chocoholic drooling with joy. The chocolate syrup on top drizzles over the top, and the whole thing is simply delicious. Although this dessert doesn’t have the same level of ubiquity as the mango bravo, it is still worth trying.

Chicken Kiev

If you are craving a taste of Russia, look no further than the classic Chicken Kiev. The crunchy crust is topped with garlic butter and then deep-fried. Once sliced, the juicy chicken inside oozes molten butter. There is simply nothing better than this chicken Kiev dish. Make sure to use Panko breadcrumbs as they are larger and offer more crunch. Egg and flour are used as binding agents. After the frying process, you can serve the Chicken Kiev to your guests.

Macapuno balls

If you’re a big coconut lover, then you should definitely try the macapuno balls at Conti’s Bakeshop. These creamy treats are perfect for sharing and are loaded with savory flavors. The Maja Blanca, another popular dessert at Conti’s Bakeshop, has crispy outer layers and an airy interior. It’s not too sweet and is a good alternative to the French meringue cake.

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